• Broadcasting Tests Begin for Ultra High Definition
  • [2014-03-31]

     The Ministry of Science, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Future Planning has issued permission for three major Korean terrestrial broadcasters to transmit Ultra High Definition (UHD) content. KBS will start test broadcast in UHD from April on channel 66. KBS plans to broadcast its popular dramas, including “Slave Hunter,” “Bridal Mask.”“Jeong Do Jeon.” and “Food Odyssey.” KBS will also broadcast the Asian Games to be held in Korea this September in UHD. KBS’ Executive Director of Future Media explained that expectations are building since KBS has rich resources of UHD content and is a broadcaster for public interest of universal access. The audiences will be able to watch test broadcasts of programs in UHD, which will be transmitted through two transmission centers in the metropolitan area. 


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