• Good Manager Emerges as Surprising Hit
  • [2017-03-10]
  • Good Manager becomes a surprising hit with a rating of 17.8% on 22 February.

  • From a low-life to company life. Mr. Kim, an ex-gangster, finds himself in a world of the corporate.

  • Good Manager is broacast via KBS World TV, KBS satellite channel, to Asia and beyond.

  • Good Manager came first with a rating of 17.8% on 22 February, beating strong competitors on other channels. Starting from 25 January, this comic mini-series catches the attention of the audience with its mixture of gangster thriller and realism of the office drama that excels at looking straight into the corporate life.


    The story revolves around the main character, Mr. Kim, who handles accounting of a small-time crime organization and one day finds himself working for the largest distribution company on the land, having to deal with their own underhand business practices.


    The success of Good Manager can be traced back to the early hit dramas of KBS that set the trend of the genre, such as The Queen of Office (2013) and Ad Genius Taebaek (2013). The Queen of Office had a temporary worker as a central character who has a dubious past, and received a critical acclaim and popular support. Good Manager, also on KBS World TV, a satellite channel covering Asia, Europe, and America, will end on 30 March 2017.

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