• KBS Embarks on World’s First Terrestrial UHD Service
  • [2017-03-24]

KBS transmitted UHD TV signal for test from the main control room at the KBS Headquarters in Seoul on 28 February in preparation for a launch of the UHD broadcast in May.

  • KBS transmitted test signals for UHD TV at the Seoul Headquarters on 28 February prior to the official launch of UHD broadcasting service planned in May this year. At the special ceremony, KBS President & CEO Ko Dae-young said that KBS has lifted a very important step towards UHD broadcasting which will create a new opportunity for terrestrial TV facing challenges from all sides.


    Mr. Ko also emphasized that UHD TV allows an interactive viewing and KBS should lead the production of high quality interactive content. During the test transmission scheduled by the end of May, KBS will broadcast special documentaries including the award-winning Empire of the Sea via KBS1 UHD, and Descendants of the Sun via KBS2 UHD.


    Once UHD service starts officially in May, the existing UHD transmission systems built in and around Seoul will be in operation to deliver powerful and stable UHD signals. KBS is committed to provide free access to UHD content by setting up ‘Terrestrial Home Portal’, which will not require subscription for any pay TV. The audience will be able to view UHD content through ATSC 3.0 based TV monitors or set top boxes.

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