• Good Doctor Scheduled for Prime Time in US
  • [2017-06-28]
  • Good Doctor, a highly successful KBS mini-series and winner of Banff World Media Festival in 2014, will be remade for the American audience.

  • The American version of Good Doctor will be aired via ABC from this fall. The photo from http://www.allkpop. com/article/2017/05/abc-confirms-good-doctor-american-remake-scheduled-to-air-this-fall

  • Good Doctor, a highly successful KBS mini-series broadcast in 2013, is set to be aired on ABC (American Broadcasting Company) from September this year in the United States. KBS America, a force behind the remake of for the American audience, said that it is very exceptional for the drama based upon a foreign original story to be scheduled for the prime time in which fierce competition between American broadcasters for the audience share is obvious. The KBS subsidiary also added that Good Doctor has been chosen simply because it was of very high quality attracting massive audiences.


    The original had won the Best Serial Drama Award at Banff World Media Festival in 2014.  

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