• KBS Grants Broadcasting Right to South Sudan
  • [2017-07-14]
  • KBS signed a agreement with SSBC, which gives a broadcast right of the KBS drama series, Jeong Do Jeon. Ko Dae-young, President & CEO of KBS (Left) and Mr. Philip Panayng, Governor of Jonglei State.

  • The agreement was signed by Mr. Hong Gi-seob, Executive Managind Director of Future Business Division and Mr. Cosmas Mundu, Depty Director of SSBC.

  • KBS and the government of South Sudan signed an MOU for cultural exchange back in 2012.

  • The South Sudan delegation had a tour of KBS news studios

  • The delegation had a training of TV camera production with Visual Production of KBS

  • KBS has signed an agreement with South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation which allows the African national broadcaster to air one of its historical period drama series, Jeong Do Jeon by 2020. The signing ceremony took place at the Seoul Headquarters of KBS on 13 July 2017. KBS Executive Managing Director of Future Business Hong Gi-seob and SSBC Deputy Director Cosmas Mundu joined the special event, representing the two organizations.


    Prior to the signing, KBS President & CEO Ko Dae-young delivered congratulatory remarks, reminding that the agreement is a result of the Memorandum Of Understanding between KBS and the Government of South Sudan for cultural exchanges in 2012. Mr. Ko also added that KBS will do its best to support the development of broadcasting industry in the country.


    During the visit to KBS, the South Sudanese delegation headed by Governor of Jonglei Philip Aguer Panayng, was also offered a brief training opportunity on TV camera production as well as a tour of KBS news studios and relay broadcasting facilities. Broadcast via KBS TV1 from January to June in 2014, Jeong Do Jeon is the story of a historical figure Jeong Do Jeon, one of the most prominent scholars and politicians in Korea in the 14th century.

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