• [PBI Seoul 2018] Korean cusine to highlight PSM mission
  • [2018-09-21]
  • KBS Producer Lee Wook-jung will present PBI Seoul 2018 Welcome Reception as a chief chef.

  • Lee Wook-jung won prestigious awards for his cooking documentary, Noodle Road.

  • Lee Wook-jung won prestigious awards for his cooking documentary,Food Odyssey.

  • KBS Special Concert presented during PBI Seoul 2007

  •  “Quality TV vs. Junk TV”

    Authentic Korean Cuisine to Highlight Mission of

    Public Service Media to Create Quality Content at PBI Seoul Welcome Reception


    “Junk food is highly addictive. Sweet, salty, and pungent tastes give a sense of delight. But it certainly is no good to health. In many countries like Britain and Japan, children are encouraged in healthy eating experiences at school. As a TV director and producer myself, I believe this is exactly the same situation in media content production. It’s easy to get access to junk programs in our everyday lives. We’re exposed to the abundance of provocative and addictive content across TV, radio, mobile and digital platforms. Public media organizations need to continue their efforts to provide quality programs just like a chef dedicated to creating quality food, which will essentially lead to a healthy and happy life. I guess this explains my genuine initiative as a head chef designated to organize the PBI Seoul Welcome Reception.” 


    KBS Producer and Director Lee Wook-jung has stressed the message above as he joins PBI Seoul 2018 as a chief chef of the welcome reception. Mr. Lee is an internationally-acclaimed food and cooking documentary maker. He won a number of prestigious international awards for his culinary programs including Noodle Road and Food Odyssey. To be orchestrated by Mr. Lee, the exclusive reception will showcase Korean dishes made with high quality authentic Korean ingredients grown in the country. The welcome reception will be even more special as it will be staged at the recently-built in-house KBS Cooking Studio.


    The Welcome Reception of the PBI Seoul 2018 conference will be a special and inspiring event for the participating delegates. Host broadcaster KBS will be demonstrating its long-standing commitment to serve its audiences with high quality content (through the metaphor of food) during the welcome presentation. Hosted by KBS President and CEO Yang Sung-dong, the welcome reception will take place at the KBS Cooking Studio, Yeouido Headquarters on Tuesday October 23, 2018 at 5.30 pm.    


    Also, a Special Concert for Peace in commemoration of PBI Seoul 2018 is scheduled at KBS after the welcome reception. The Seoul conference participants will have a unique opportunity to explore various aspects of Korean cultural heritage during the conference.     


    KBS is bringing the conference back to Seoul after 11 years since PBI Seoul 2007. The theme of PBI Seoul 2018 is Media’s Next Big Bang: Strategic Initiatives for Connected Platforms. Approximately 80 leaders and executives of some of the world’s most influential public media organizations such as BBC (UK), NHK (Japan), Rai (Italy), SRG-SSR (Switzerland), RTBF (Belgium), RTP (Portugal), ROR (Romania), and PTS (Taiwan) are planning to take part in the event.