• KBS demonstrates strong commitment on emergency broadcasting amid coronavirus outbreak
  • [2020-03-12]


      KBS, the nation’s primary public service broadcaster, is continuing its full commitment to deliver an efficient and speedy emergency broadcasting service in response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.  Since the widespread of the virus gripped the most acute attention of the audiences, KBS identified it as a “Social Crisis,” and commenced its emergency broadcasting, providing vital information as committed efforts to combat the challenge of the emerging infectious disease.   


      KBS placed the highest level of emergency broadcasting when the first case of the disease was confirmed in Korea on 20 January 2020.  Especially, KBS has been putting forth maximum effort to deliver information on preventive measures displayed through scrolling text as well as via continuous news bulletins that have been expanded to cover the national daily briefings from the Korea Centers for disease Control & Prevention.  As part of its commitment to deal with the serious situation, KBS’ flagship K-Pop TV show, Music Bank, was taped without its studio audience.  It was a preemptive decision by KBS to help curb the spread of the novel infection, and other KBS programs with studio audiences have been made to follow suit.


      Mr. Yang Sung-dong, President & CEO of KBS said that KBS is aiming to bring accurate news reports, not a fruitless competition for breaking news.  During his visit to the KBS Disaster Information Center, Mr. Yang stressed that this would ultimately help people cope with the current emergency situation.  Additionally, KBS News is providing an online interactive service that offers information on the path and speed of the confirmed cases.  It is expected to be a useful tool in an effort to cope with the coronavirus.