• KBS wins at International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary
  • [2020-03-13]

'Journey on Foot' wins at International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary

  • KBS wins at International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary:

    Promoting KBS’ expertise in world-class TV production worldwide


    KBS has continued to demonstrate its excellence in distinctive documentary production across major continents of the world with an outstanding performance at the International URTI (Union Radiophonique et Télévisuelle Internationale) Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary based in Europe.


    Journey on Foot – Goodbye, My Girlhood (2017) was honored with the prestigious Martin Filippi Award for Discovery by the 38th International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary.  


    KBS has been maintaining a strong commitment to continue to bring extraordinary documentary programs following the footsteps of such highly successful documentaries as China (2004), Asian Corridor in Heaven (2007), and Colors: Four Desires (2014).


    Journey on Foot has been already recognized at prominent international competitions including the New York Festivals World’s Best TV & Films, the World-Fest Houston International Film Festival, the AIBD World TV Awards, the ABU Prizes, and the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival.  At home, the documentary also won the country’s major awards such as the Korea Broadcasting Prize and the Korea Communications Commission Awards. 


    Produced in high quality full-scale UHD, the documentary feature remarkably captures the people of spiritual pilgrimage on three continents.  The first part titled Goodbye, My Girlhood, depicts the highs and lows, the joys and sorrows of life as seen and experienced by an ordinary teenage girl through her life in Ladakh, India.  She joins the Buddhist order of nuns out of poverty to undertake her pilgrimage journey in a harsh climate of cold weather in highlands on 5,200m altitude.  The four-part documentary travels 12,000 km for 450 days in an effort to capture the essence of people searching for self, a religious epiphany, and inner peace.  Journey on Foot has been highly acclaimed as it exclusively delivers the greatness of ‘being alive’ through universal codes of family and friendship that transcend races and lifestyles.


    The URTI (Union Radiophonique et Télévisuelle Internationale), co-founded by the UNESCO and French Radiobroadcast in 1949, has been contributing to promote cultural heritage by recognizing programs which stand out as original and high quality productions.