• Special Message by President: We will soon face profound changes at KBS
  • [2020-04-02]

President and CEO Yang Sung-dong delivers a special online message to staff.

  • KBS to set out a strategic plan to overcome severe financial challenges

    Yang Sung-dong, KBS President and CEO, has announced that he will set out an extensive strategic plan in a bid to come up with exclusive solutions to the continuing financial difficulties.  The plan will be unveiled in the second quarter of this year.


    President and CEO Yang Sung-dong has made the rigorous announcement in his special address to staff during an online staff assembly which took place on 1 April, 2020.  Thanks to an exceptional development in technological connectivity, the online assembly facilitated all staff members across the nation to join the extraordinary staff meeting.  KBS has been supporting its staff to work from home or remotely in this unprecedented period of social distancing and isolation.


    KBS has been suffering its most severe financial difficulties in recent years.  The financial situation of KBS could get even worse as the Coronavirus crisis has a growing impact on the global market including the economy of Korea.


    ‘We will soon face profound changes at KBS’

    President and CEO Yang Sung-dong says:  “It’s time for us to bring a thorough future plan for KBS to sustain. We need a new cost structure that is the most suitable for our sources of income.  It’s essential to restructure KBS as a high-performance media organization.  We also need a sophisticated and efficient system to operate our human resources.  We’ve got to focus completely on our core businesses and content creation.  We must come up with different approaches as well as highly competitive ideas.  We will not be able to survive unless we’re truly serious about bringing significant changes to our organization in this ever-evolving media landscape.  It is an urgent challenge that we must respond immediately.”


    “It could mean a totally new way that we have never experienced.  We must challenge ourselves to accept the new change.  I’m confident that the planned initiative is connected to our continuing effort to realize the level of Television License Fee.  As Chief of the organization, I’m fully committed and determined to deal with the emerging challenges.”


    KBS response to Coronavirus pandemic

    In addition, President and CEO Yang Sung-dong expressed his profound gratitude to members of his staff. They have been continuing efforts to ensure that they keep audiences up to speed with the latest developments in the Coronavirus crisis.  KBS has been delivering the continuous and comprehensive emergency broadcasting service which was launched more than two months ago.


    “I’m also well aware that those engaged in regular schedules and news programming are going through enormous challenges under the Coronavirus restrictions.”


    “I’m especially delighted with the latest finding that most of our audiences have found our dedicated emergency coverage reliable.  Our audiences’ trust and contributions are truly the best support that drives us to maintain our pivotal role as the nation’s primary public service media in this time of uncertainty.”


    Meanwhile, KBS implemented several measures to ensure the wellbeing and safety of its employees in an effort to comply with “social distancing” recommendations amid the Coronavirus outbreak.