• KBS and CMG join forces in Coronavirus outbreak
  • [2020-04-03]

President and CEO Yang Sung-dong receives 10,000 medical masks from CCTV Seoul Bureau Chief Lu Xinghai, representing China Media Group.

  • ‘Let us be united to overcome the global Coronavirus disaster’

    KBS has joined forces with one of its closest media partner China Media Group as part of the global effort to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.  KBS is delighted that CMG has provided 10,000 medical masks to be utilized for all staff members of KBS across the nation.


    Yang Sung-dong, KBS President and CEO, said:  “The donation by CMG is a token of friendship and a symbol of a new co-operative initiative between KBS and CMG.


    At a ceremony held at the KBS headquarters on 27 March, 2020, President and CEO Yang also said:  “KBS has been fully committed to all of its resources for the 24-hour emergency operation in response to the Coronavirus crisis.  As the nation’s primary public service broadcaster, KBS has been continuing its devoted efforts in delivering all the essential news and information with the special programming and content throughout the entire 24-hour day.”


    “With the novel Coronavirus spreading across the world, many countries are looking to Korea as a role model for its professional emergency response systems, transparency and civilized society.”


    Lu Xinghai, Chinese Central Television Seoul Bureau, participated in the ceremony as a CMG representative and said:  “Korea and China are both experiencing the time of uncertainty.  It is important for the two leading media organizations to foster co-operative efforts and share insights each other in a bid to overcome these emerging challenges.”


    The donated medical masks have been distributed to all of its staff at the Seoul headquarters as well as regional stations.  KBS implemented several measures to ensure the wellbeing and safety of its employees including encouraging all staff to wear face masks inside the KBS premises.