• New KBS Entertainment Show Mr. Househusband
  • [2016-11-18]
  • Mr. Househusband is a new reality show of KBS TV2, observing celebrity husbands engaging their house chores.

  • The press conference was held on the 8th of November to mark the first broadcast of the show.

  • KBS TV2 has unveiled a new entertainment show, Mr. Househusband on 8 November 2016. As a reality show combined with talk show format, Mr. Househusband observes male celebrities struggling to do their parts in housework while giving them an opportunity to share their tips and hardships on the domestic frontlines of cooking, cleaning and child-caring.

    It is expected that the program will serve to connect to and guide a real-life experience at homes. In the show, Kim Seung-woo, who hosted a KBS talk show for three years from 2010, is leading a group of six stars dipping their hands in being househusbands.

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