• Hwarang: the Poet Warrior Youth
  • [2016-12-15]

Hwarang has been filmed 100% before broadcast just as Descendants of the Sun was. It is expected that the drama would create buzz in Asia.

  • Hwarang, a new historical romance fiction for young audience, starts from 19 December 2016 via KBS TV2, following the successful footstep of Love in the Moonlight and Descendants of the Sun. The drama is situated in Shilla, one of the three ancient kingdoms on the Korean Peninsula 1,500 years ago which played a crucial role in unifying the divided territory.


    The new series highlights an elite group of youth known as Hwarang, but more importantly for their bravery and beauty, becoming the driving force for bringing together the kingdoms. The drama will also feature their friendship and romance.


    The Shooting of Hwarang has been completed entirely before the broadcast like in the case of Descendants of the Sun. The storyline that combines the historical background and contemporary elements such as rivalrous romance between friends as well as pulling power of the Korean-wave stars is likely to create buzz in Asia. Hwarang literally means flower boys. 

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