• KBS Broadcast Policy 2017
  • [2017-01-25]

Hope in 2017 Together with KBS is the broadcast policy of KBS for 2017

  • KBS has unveiled its broadcast policy for 2017. Under the slogan of “Hope in 2017 Together with KBS,” the KBS strategic plan is framed around the following ten goals. Also, with the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games only a year away until its opening day, KBS will make special efforts to bring quality programming for the global event. Additionally, KBS will focus on delivering creative and distinctive digital content in an ever competitive digital environment. In this year, KBS will provide coverage of the 19th presidential election of Korea.


    The KBS Strategic Plan will be undertaken in the following objectives:

    1. To play a pivotal role in bringing a bright future of Korea and harmony among people.

    2. To unite people of the nation to create a growth engine for a new economic leap forward.

    3. To create public sphere of communication to reduce social conflict and economic gap.

    4. To continue to make efforts to resolve the issues of low birth rate and aging population.

    5. To contribute to the political progress through balanced election coverage and distinctive agenda-setting programming.

    6. To strive to pursue new ideas and opportunities for the unified Korea and the lasting peace on the Korean peninsula in the environment of severe security concerns.

         7. To lead “digital KBS” and “smart Korea.”

    8. To contribute to the strengthening of disaster response system and to the development of safer society.

    9. To serve as the role of Global Window that communicates with the world through high quality content.

    10. To be well prepared for the coverage of the upcoming PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.





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