• The Natural Time Capsule: UNESCO World Heritage in UHD
  • [2017-04-10]
  • The Natural Time Capusule captured eight UNESCO World heritage sites in Korea.

  • The back garden of Changdeokgung Palace. The secret garden, a well known tourist attraction, is also part of Changdeokgung Palace.

  • The stone Buddha in Namsan Mountain, Gyeongju, south of Korea.

  • The Path to Heaven – Baengnokdam Lake in Hallasan Mountain.

  • Originally built as the King Sejo's royal tomb, Gwangneung now is a treasure trove of Korean botanical resources.

  • The traditional hawk hunting.

  • Hahoe village. The microcosm of the traditional way of life and the Korean architecture.

  • The Natural Time Capsule, a KBS documentary series, explores the eight UNESCO World Heritage sites in Korea, from Hallasan Mountain in Jeju Island to Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul, which keep natural and cultural history unique to Korea.


    Unearthing the past preserved under the layers of time, the documentary reveals the beauty of natural and architectural legacy to inspire awe and wonder in the audience. UHD technology in combination with hyper time lapse, and Matrix 360 degree helps to illuminate the Korean treasures in their finest moments.


    The eight episodes in order of broadcasting are: Royal Residence Changdeokgung Palace; Secret Garden – the Back Garden of Changdeokgung Palace; Field of Stone Buddha – Namsan Mountain in Gyeongju; the Path to Heaven – Baengnokdam Lake in Hallasan Mountain; Salute to the Kings – Gwangneung; Heaven Accompanying Earth – Hawk Hunt; the Underwater Palace – Daryeodo Island; the Scholar’s Waterway – Hahoe Village.


    The documentary series wrapped up on March 30 2017 with the final episode, showcasing the natural history of Korea from the perspective of cultural anthology.

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