• Queen of Mystery Begins to Air
  • [2017-04-19]
  • Queen of Mystery is a new comic thriller on KBS TV2

  • This new drama series highlights the role of a feamle character played by Choi Kang-hee.

  • Kim Jin-woo, who directed Good Doctor and Healer takes the helm.

  • A new comic thriller, Queen of Mystery, is filling the slot of Wednesday and Thursday miniseries which has been left open by its predecessor, Good Manager. Queen of Mystery is a new type of detective story where real-life experiences beat the tough police work in solving hard-to-crack crime cases.


    The drama evolves around the crime busting couple, Wan-seung, an intuitive and reckless police detective, played by one of the first generation of the Korean-wave stars, Kwon Sang-woo, and Seol-ok, a housewife, rational and relying on her deduction rather than emotion, who become accidentally involved with the Wan-seung’s world.


    Unlike conventional crime thrillers, Queen of Mystery highlights the role of the female character, creating a space where her wisdom gained from daily routines meets the challenges from the darker side of life. Kim Jin-woo, who directed Good Doctor and Healer takes the helm, paying great attentions to the details for the realistic crime scenes and chase sequences. The dram is on air from April 5 via KBS TV2.

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