• KBS Weekend Drama Continues to Win Audience
  • [2017-04-24]
  • My Father is Strange is a new KBS weekend drama that focuses on family stories of being there for each other.

  • Actor, Kim Young-cheol, plays Mr. Byun, a main character and father of four adult children.

  • At the press conference. Main actors are posed for the photo.

  • A new KBS weekend drama, My Father is Strange, is winning the heart of the audience, proving to be another success in the footsteps of the KBS weekend dramas that made history. Only into its fourth week, the drama series scored a rating of 27.1% on March 26.  The story focuses on Mr. Byun and his four adult children, not all of whom are exactly the pride of the family.


    My Father is Strange follows a successful combination of family stories with comic touch, which are now established as a brand of KBS weekend drama. The previous series, The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop, My Husband Got a Family, Seoyeong My Daughter, Ojakgyo Family, to name but a few,  are just handful examples of KBS weekend drama which gained enormous popularity. These family stories are about love, overcoming differences, and coming together for each other without losing a good sense of humor and irony.


    My Father is Strange is on Saturday and Sunday via KBS TV1 and KBS World TV on local time.

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