• Sorry, I Love You Remade in Japan
  • [2017-07-31]
  • Sorry I Love You is remade in Japan and on air via TBS. http://www.tbs.co.jp/gomen_aishiteru/

  • The original KBS version was a great success with th audience, recording the viewing rating of 29.2%.

  • KBS’ hit drama series Sorry, I Love You has been remade in Japan.


    First broadcast on 9 July 2017 via Tokyo Broadcasting System, the first episode of the series achieved a viewer rating of 9.8%, raising the prospect that it might enjoy the high popularity the Korean original had recorded in 2004. Sorry, I Love You is only a second remake of KBS drama since Lucifer, the first ever Korean drama remade for the Japanese audience in 2007. The Japanese remake, being delivered during the Sunday prime-time evening slot of 9 PM, features the top stars in the country, Nagase Tomoya and Yoshioka Riho, to tell a story of two lovers confronted with illness and tragic consequences.

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