• KBS to Enhance Disaster Broadcasting Service
  • [2017-08-16]
  • KBS is on high alert as summer comes with a series of typhoon, torrential rains, and heatwaves. As the country’s primary broadcaster, KBS has been designated to provide emergency broadcasting. KBS is committed to delivering the most efficient disaster broadcasting service in an effort to help minimize the damages caused by various natural disasters frequently hit Korea during the summer time.


    Real-time graphic information

    At the center of KBS disaster broadcasting is the KBS Integrated Digital Disaster Broadcasting System. Set up in 2015 through four stages, the system, started in 2011, is linked to 70 or so kinds of information on disaster provided by national institutions such as the Korea Meteorological Administration and the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. When the disaster occurs, for instance, flood, blackout, landslide and so on, such information is fed to the system real-time to be generated as audience-friendly graphics for broadcast. KBS has 425 graphic templates.

    High Definition CCTV

    KBS runs 35 HD-level CCTVs in areas prone to floods. In addition, the KBS disaster information system is connected to about 12,000 CCTVs operated by the Ministry of Public Safety and the National Police. These CCTVs provide vital information for disaster broadcast which may be difficult for reporters to get access.

    To enhance disaster reporting system

    The earthquake broadcasting system of KBS has been upgraded since the Gyeongju earthquake in September 2016. In connection with the earthquake notification system of the Korea Meteorological Administration, KBS has now established an advanced system for an immediate earthquake reporting. The new system allows automatic generation of a scroll message and text message immediately after an earthquake. The system can also automatically produce a news story about the quake. The existing subtitle system of the disaster information has also been modified. The automatic message of the earthquake will appear on a TV screen when an earthquake of the magnitude of more than 3.0 occurs.

    Digital and mobile system for disaster warning

    Amid the rapidly changing audience behavior in media consumption, KBS is also committed to delivering disaster information on a range of digital and mobile platforms. An Internet website of KBS, (http://d.kbs.co.kr/) provides selected information on disasters. Mobile users can link to the website on PC and more details can be found in the site.

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