• Chinese Journalists Show Strong Interest in KBS Content
  • [2017-08-30]
  • KBS executives meet with senior journalists from Jiangsu Province, China.

  • The visitors pose for a photograph at the KBS News Center.

  • KBS has reaffirmed its firm status as the powerhouse of broadcast content at home and abroad.


    A group of senior journalists from Jiangsu Province, China met with KBS executives and expressed a keen interest in a range of cultural programs created by KBS.


    The Chinese visitors including Mr. Zhongji Song, Director of Xinhua Daily Media Group and Mr. Yukun Zhao, Jiangsu Office Director, China Communications Construction, stressed that KBS has made a great contribution to the promotion of Korean cultural heritages worldwide through its world class content.


    In a meeting with KBS Auditor General Jeon Hong-gu and KBS Director of International Relations Hong Seung-joo on August 30, 2017, the Chinese journalists explained their willing ness to enhance the understanding of various aspects of Korean culture in China through programs of KBS.

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