• Singapore TV seeks opportunities for cooperation with KBS
  • [2017-09-05]
  • The Mediacorp visitors visit KBS News Studio.

  • The Mediacorp delegation(left) meets with KBS TV executives.

  • The Music Bank World Tour at Suntec Convention Centre Hall in Singapore

  • The national broadcaster of Singapore Mediacorp is seeking opportunities for cooperation with KBS, especially in the area of co-production and TV format.


    At a meeting with executives of KBS TV production at the KBS Headquarters on September 1, 2017, Mediacorp Chief Customer Officer Debra Soon explored the possibilities of co-production, particularly in the creation of dramas, real variety shows and children’s programs. Ms. Soon also introduced the continuing efforts made by Mediacorp to secure more quality content as the Singapore media recently unveiled a new programming which will allow non-local content to be screened on weekday evening prime time for the first time in the country.    


    Executive Managing Director Kim Jin-hong of KBS TV Content Production joined the meeting and explained that KBS’ dramas and entertainment content have been widely exported to many countries across the globe. Also, Mr. Kim stressed that TV content is part of culture and as Korea, China and Japan share many similar cultural aspects, KBS and Mediacorp could find ways to work together in content production.  


    In the meantime, the KBS Music Bank World Tour in Singapore, held in August this year, was a huge success attracting over 7,000 local fans of Korean pop music.


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