• KBS Launches New Audience Analysis System
  • [2017-09-08]

KBS Social Meter is a system that analyzes TV viewing with PIE. The left column is the ranking of programs based upon the number of clicks, reference in news and the internet communities and so on.

  • KBS has developed a new assessment system that analyses the audience response of its programs named KBS Social Meter.


    The new social big data system of KBS, shares some features with the existing similar service, ‘Social Matrix.’ The Social Meter however is highly distinctive as it provides Program Index for Evaluation specifically for the KBS program makers. PIE refers to data sets collected from content consumption of audiences on Internet, Social Networking Service, and online services. Also, the Social Meter has a key feature that analyzes such information as the latest key words and trends observed from the Internet community.


    Commenced its service on August 3, 2017, the Social Meter is expected to transform the ways to enhance understanding of audience behavior in content consumption and make a significant contribution to the KBS’ continuing efforts to maintain its high quality production.

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