• KBS Unveils its Ambitious UHD Documentary Journey on Foot
  • [2017-09-14]
  • KBS UHD Documentary Project, Journey on Foot, started broadcasting the first of its four episodes from September 7 via KBS TV1

  • The first episode, Good bye My Girlhood, is a about a girl who joined the Buddhist order of nuns and goes on a pilgrimage through a harsh land.

  • Good bye My Girlhood

  • The second episode, Tears of Gods, follows Incan descendants.

  • Tears of Gods in the Andean Mountains.

  • The third episode, Home Coming, sets in Senegal, Africa.

  • The 360 degree image of Lake Retba in Senegal.

  • The red hue of Lake Retbar is caused by algae. The lake is known for its highest content of salt.

  • The final episode goes to the Rocky Mountains.

  • The last episode covers Pacific Crest Trail.

  • The series, Journey on Foot, attempts to capture the essence of people on all sort of journey.

  • KBS unveiled its ambitious UHD documentary series project, Journey on Foot. The first episode of the four-part series was aired on September 7, 2017 via KBS TV1.


    Delivered in high quality full-scale UHD broadcasting service, Journey on Foot captures people of spiritual pilgrimage on three continents. The first part titled Good bye My Girlhood zeroes in on a girl in Ladakh, India, who joined Buddhist order of nuns out of poverty, to go on her pilgrimage journey in a harsh climate of cold weather in highlands on 5,200m altitude. The series travelled 12,000km for 450 days in an effort to capture the essence of people searching for self, a religious epiphany, and inner peace. Continuing the journey in breathtakingly beautiful and high quality images, the second episode follows the trails of Incan descendants tracing their roots along the Andean Mountains. The third and fourth episodes, to be aired on September 14 and 15 respectively, visit Senegal, Africa, and the Rocky Mountains stretching from Mexico to Canada.


    KBS has maintained its continuing endeavors to bring the best of its expertise and experience of documentary making into this incredible series. The new project will also showcase the high quality documentary production in UHD. It is expected that Journey on Foot will follow the footsteps of such successful KBS documentary programs as Asian Corridor in Heaven and Colors: Four Desires.

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