• KBS Broadcasting Academy Celebrates 25th Anniversary
  • [2017-10-19]

KBS Broadcasting Academy provides education for those who aim to find a job in the media industry. It celebrates the 25th anniversary this year. The website is http://www.kbsacademy.co.kr/

  • KBS Broadcasting Academy has celebrated its 25th anniversary. Established in 1992 as KBS Social Cultural Center and changed its name to KBS Broadcasting Academy in 2008, the institution offers media and journalism courses such as reporting, announcing, camera, editing, and writing. Over the last 25 years, about 22,000 people completed the specially customized professional training courses that run four quarters a year.


    KBS Broadcasting Academy is operated by KBS Media which marked the opening of the 100th academic term on October 10, 2017. As part of the celebration, the academy organized a range of events for prospective students. KBS Broadcasting Academy now located in Sangam area in Seoul at the headquarters of KBS Media continues to facilitate vocational training in the multi-channel multi-media era.


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