• Idol Rebooting Project The Unit
  • [2017-11-03]
  • The new audition program The Unit puts professional singers, instead of wannabes, on the stage for competition.

  • The production team of the show and the mentors who will give advice and training for the idols. The third from left is Mr. Han, producer.

  • A new idol audition program “Idol Rebooting Project The Unit” puts already debuted idols on the stage for a competition. The prize for the contest is to give idols a fair chance to demonstrate their talents that they may not have yet been able to showcase. The word “Unit” stands for a letter in the phrase, “You(U) And(N) I(I) Together or Plus(T).” The show screened its first episode on October 28, 2017.


    Around 30 to 40 idol bands throw their hats in the ring every year in Korea, but just a few achieve popularity and fame. The program intends to give a full treatment of training and mentoring to those selected to put them on the path to stardom. The Unit is planned to air 14 episodes, the last of which will announce the finalists, one boy band and one girl band. The program will focus on the process of professional development and change of the participants rather than the competition itself, giving the audience a chance to rediscover the charm of the bands that might have just passed by in the first place.

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