• KBS joins ABU TV Song Festival
  • [2017-11-09]
  • K-pop girl group Mamamoo performs at the ABU TV Song Festival 2017 in Chengdu, China.

  • Artists and the ABU member delegates celebrate at the ABU TV Song Festival 2017 in Chengdu, China.

  • As a leading member broadcaster of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, KBS took part in the ABU TV Song Festival held on November 6, 2017 during the union’s annual General Assembly which took place in Chengdu, China.


    K-pop girl group Mamamoo, representing KBS, gave a spectacular performance in this year’s event that attracted an audience of approximately 1,000 people.


    Artists from fourteen countries performed in the 6th ABU TV Song Festival.


    Hosted and broadcast live by Sichuan Radio & Television, the annual ABU TV Song Festival was successfully celebrated by members of the ABU including RTA(Afghanistan), SRT( China), TVB(Hong Kong), DD(India), TVRI(Indonesia), NHK(Japan), Khabar Agency(Kazakhstan), KBS(Korea), TDM(Macau), RTM(Malaysia), PSM(Maldives), TVTM(Turkmenistan), VTV(Vietnam) and the African Union of Broadcasting(Zambia).  

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