• Witch at Court Comes Out on Top
  • [2017-11-20]
  • The drama unfolds around a main character, Ma Ideum.

  • Ma finds her new mission in supporting children and women.

  • A new courtroom thriller Witch at Court, comes out on top in the race of Monday and Tuesday night drama slots, scoring a rating of 10.1% on November 6, 2017 with its ninth episode. The drama unfolds around a public prosecutor, Ma Ideum, who is demoted to the unit, specialized in crimes against children and women after a blunder at the court. The story focuses on once success-driven and blindly ambitious Ma Ideum facing a reality of everyday crimes that are committed against the socially-disadvantaged. Witch at Court depicting the cases that reflect on reality also casts a critical look at the dysfunctional systems that are supposed to protect the weak.


    KBS dramas have recently been enjoying a good record throughout the week with the weekend drama, My Golden Life, and the Friday, Saturday drama, Go Back Couple. Following the strong tradition of KBS weekend drama, My Golden Life is family-themed and for family viewing, reaching to a wider audience. Its 22nd episode scored a rating of 37.9%. Go Back Couple is for a younger audience with an element of time slip that puts a married couple in their thirties back to a time before their marriage. The drama takes a number one position according to Good Data Corporation in terms of its topicality on the net which is a measurement of the size of the internet traffic. KBS dramas continue to be a choice of the audience.  


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