• KBS to build partnership with ASEAN
  • [2018-06-29]
  • KBS welcomes a visit to KBS Headquarters by ASEAN representatives.

  • The ASEAN delegation poses at the KBS open radio studios.

  • The visitors from ASEAN are offered a chance to see production facilities of the KBS News Center.

  • The ASEAN delegation enjoys a tour at the VR Experience Zone of KBS.

  • A high-profile visit to KBS by the Committee of Permanent Representatives to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations(CPR) has served as an opportunity for KBS to build a partnership with ASEAN. KBS welcomed a visit to KBS Headquarters by members of the CPR on 26 June 2018. KBS President and CEO Yang Sung-dong cordially received a nine-member CPR delegation headed by the Chair H.E. Ambassador Elizabeth P. Buensuceso.


    In a meeting with the CPR delegation, President and CEO Yang Sung-dong said KBS has been continuing efforts to work closely with broadcasters of the ASEAN member states as a member of the Administrative Council of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union(ABU). Mr. Yang added that KBS has strengthened mutual co-operation with major broadcasters in the region including RTM(Malaysia), VTV(Vietnam), and MediaCorp(Singapore) through a wide range of co-operation and exchange initiatives. In particular, Mr. Yang proposed a special music event to be organized by KBS and Foreign Affairs Ministry of Korea in co-operation with the ASEAN member states. To be titled ASEAN Music Festival, the event will be a chance for Koreans to explore a variety of music from the ASEAN member countries. Also, the proposed festival will offer an opportunity for people in the ASEAN region to experience Korean musicians and their music. KBS is currently planning the ASEAN Music Festival to be held in Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia between November and December in 2019.


    The CPR Chair H.E. Ambassador Elizabeth P. Buensuceso expressed a keen interest in the ASEAN Music Festival proposed by KBS President and CEO and stressed the importance of co-operative efforts between KBS and the ASEAN member states. Also, the CPR delegation asked KBS to support ASEAN through programming on the ASEAN region as the association will mark its 50th anniversary and commemorate 30 years of cooperative relationship with Korea in 2019.


    The nine-member CPR delegates represent the ASEAN member states including Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, and Thailand.