• Major European media including BBC and SRG-SSR confirm to join PBI Seoul 2018
  • [2018-07-10]
  • KBS International Relations Director Kim Young-sam makes a presentation on PBI Seoul 2018 at EBU GA in Tirana, Albania.

  • KBS International Relations Director Kim Young-sam speaks to RTSH at EBU GA in Tirana.

  • KBS International Relations Director Kim Young-sam confirms the participation by BBC Director-General Tony Hall in PBI Seoul 2018.

  • As part of continuing efforts to bring together high-level decision makers and leading experts from around the world to the upcoming Public Broadcasters International Seoul 2018 Conference, KBS carried out a range of promotional activities at the European Broadcasting Union Summer General Assembly that took place in Tirana, Albania on June 28-30, 2018.


    KBS, as an associate member of the Union, participated in the annual gathering with an aim to encourage top executives from EBU members and associates to take part in the PBI Seoul 2018 which will be hosted by KBS in Seoul on October 23-25, 2018.


    Hosted by RTSH (Albanian Radio and Television), the 80th EBU General Assembly attracted more than 200 delegates from major broadcasters including BBC(U.K.), FT(France), NHK(Japan), Rai(Italy), ZDF(Germany), ROR(Romania), YLE(Finland), SRG-SSR(Swiss), TRT(Turkey), RTP(Portugal), and NRK(Norway).


    KBS International Relations Director Kim Young-sam attended the EBU event on behalf of KBS and he was offered an opportunity to make a special presentation on the PBI Seoul 2018 on June 29, 2018. Amid the optimism generated by the historic inter-Korean summit, the presentation on the PBI Seoul conference drew an overwhelming response from the participants. Also, Mr. Kim had a chance to give details about the upcoming Seoul conference in an interview with the host broadcaster RTSH during the welcome reception on June 27, 2018.


    During the EBU General Assembly, Mr. Kim also had a series of meetings with a number of heads of European broadcasters such as BBC Director-General Tony Hall, SRG-SSR Director-General Gilles Marchand, Rai President Monica Maggioni, FT President Delphine Emotte Cunci, YLE President Lauri Kivinen, and ROR Director General Georgica Severin. Especially, BBC Director-General Tony Hall expressed a keen interest in the PBI Seoul Conference and confirmed that he will be coming to Seoul to join the annual PBI event. SRG-SSR Director-General Gilles Marchand was also pleased to accept the KBS’ invitation to participate in the PBI Seoul 2018. Additionally, EBU President Jean-Paul Philippot confirmed his participation in the Seoul conference.


    Titled  "Media’s Next Big Bang: Strategic Initiatives for Connected Platforms," the PBI Seoul 2018 Conference will begin with the opening ceremony "The Future that is Already Here ." The sessions will explore a range of emerging issues such as connected platforms, UHD TV, future content strategies, and young audiences. The conference will also present a special session on the role of public service media for social integration in conflict zones such as the Korean Peninsula.


    The EBU is an alliance of public service media. It has 73 members from 56 countries in Europe with an additional 33 associates worldwide.