• KBS President and CEO Yang Sung-dong: Message to staff on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of establishment of KBS
  • [2020-03-12]




     Mr. Yang Sung-dong, President and CEO of KBS, stressed the critical responsibilities of members of the public service media in emergency broadcasting service during his recent address to staff and executives.  Delivered on 3 March 2020 in commemoration of 47 years of the foundation of KBS, the speech took place at an executive meeting, which replaced the annual commemorative ceremony amid the COVID-19 crisis.


      President and CEO Yang added that the most crucial responsibility of KBS in national crisis is to fulfill its roles as the primary broadcaster of emergency broadcasting.  Mr. Yang said the current emergency broadcasting for COVID-19 aims primarily to minimize loss of lives and damages for Korean citizens, and KBS is continuing its efforts to serve the less privileged with accurate and swift information.  Also, he explained the range of actions carried out by KBS to strengthen its emergency duties, which includes: increase in special news bulletin; collaborative efforts by Production Division; flexible response in programming; and delivery of broadcast services in multiplatform.


      Mr. Yang concluded his address by encouraging staff and executives to take a close look at the roles and responsibilities of KBS as a way of celebrating the 47th anniversary.  He emphasized that KBS should be able to contribute to the ongoing national efforts to overcome the unprecedented situation by serving the audiences with dedication


      Meanwhile, KBS was established on 3 March 1973 as the public service broadcaster in Korea.