• KBS Dramas to be Aired in Arab Region
  • [2006-10-10]
  • Egyptian state-owned broadcasting company to air 'Autumn Tale'and `Winter Sonata` in July

    KBS dramas 'Autumn Tale' and 'Winter Sonata' will be aired in the Arab region for the first time ever. The Egyptian state-owned broadcasting company ERTU (Egypt Radio and Television Union) announced its plan to air KBS' ' Autumn Tale' and 'Winter Sonata' on ERTU`s Channel 2 from July in the entire Egyptian and Middle East region via satellite and ground waves.

    The Egyptian dailies Al-Ahram and Al-Akhbar reported about the first-ever broadcasting of KBS` dramas in the Middle East region on May, 17. ERTU is the largest broadcasting company in the Middle East and Africa. Currently, the Arab Emirates state-owned broadcasting company Abu Dahbi TV is considering airing the Korean dramas from September as well. Some major broadcasting companies in the Middle East region, such as the Lebanese LBC (Lebanese Broadcasting Corp.), Future TV, Jordan TV and Qatar TV, plan to follow suit, too.

    KBS and the Korean Overseas Information Center launched this project in a joint effort to promote friendship with other countries, rather than merely export broadcasting programs overseas. Although Korea holds vigorous economic and diplomatic exchanges with the Arab region, its cultural exchanges with the region have been passive thus far. With so many serious geopolitical issues to be agreed upon, such as the dispatch of additional Korean troops to Iraq, the two KBS dramas are expected to serve as a momentum for bolstering Korea`s cultural exchanges with the Arab countries.

    The airing of the two dramas in the Arab region is also meaningful in that it will set firm footing for promoting Korean programs in the Middle East. Nadia Hallim, director of ERTU`s Channel 2 who participated in the evaluation of the two KBS` dramas, said that she agreed to air the two dramas because, as a former program host, she liked their superior quality and enchanting content very much. The airing of the Korean dramas, which have enjoyed high popularity worldwide, by the Egyptian broadcasting company is expected to test the potential of exporting broadcasting content to the Middle East market in the future.