Gonggoji is known for a starting point of Geoje trip in spring and also a shooting site of film ‘The Windmill Palm Grove(2005)’.

This place is formed just for a couple’s livelihood, not for the tourist destination from the first place like Oe-do, a tourism farm. Therefore, there is no entrance fee, a cafeteria, or even a single bench. Only beautiful nature raised by an elderly couple welcomes visitors.

▲ The scenery of the sea on the way to Gonggoji.


▲ A sign to Gonggoji, one of the eight scenic beauties in Geoje.


▲ We need to go down quite a while through a steep camellia tunnel. 


▲ Lush palm trees make exotic views.


▲ Bridal wreaths also began to bloom. Those yellow daffodils, white bridal weaths and palm trees make a beautiful flower palace.


▲ There are about 50 different kinds of plants; daffodils, camellias, palm trees consist largely of the farm and also daphnes and thubergs spireas show off their fragrance respectively.


▲ A stone wall to protect villagers from boars and wind.


▲ It is amazing to see a young shoot growing from a dead palm tree. The laws of nature is so ironical and inspiring.

▲The landscape of daffodil fields and Mongdol beach.


▲ Around this time of the year, yellow daffodil comes to mind. Daffodil, also named as narcissus is a beautiful enough to fall in love with his own reflection just like its name.

▲ Daffodils burst into bloom under a stone wall.


▲ Camellia flower leaves are scattered on the path,


▲ A feast of deep yellow daffodils. Those beauty attracts visitors every year to Gonggoji.


▲ Such a breathtaking view! I’d like to take every single part of the landscape. After the trip, I remind its panoramic view when I close my eyes.

▲ Palm trees, daffodils and bridal wreath being in harmony please my eyes.

I didn’t want to leave, so I appreciated the view absently for a while standing still. No matter how many times I have visited here, Gonggoji makes me visit Geoje year over year.

 Written by  Kim Bongae   

 Translated by  Kim Yunyoung

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