Great Summer Experience with Grape Picking in Gimcheon.

At first, we planned to go hiking with my colleagues, but because the water in the valley has risen by flood, we had to change our plan. 
So, we chose to go Gimcheon Grape Greenhouse to pick up some fresh grapes.
This farming experience is sponsored by Gimcheon city, so the price isreasonable and also fun to spend time together with family.

 ▲ We arrived at ‘Hwangak Bangok Grape Greenhouse’ in Gimcheon leaving home early. Fresh and sweet smell of grapes welcomed us even before we got off from the bus. Feeling so excited, we rushed to the field to meet this summer fruit.


 ▲ It was so dark in Seoul these days because it’s rainy season, so we enjoyed the sunshine at the vineyard.

 ▲ There is a placard welcoming our group.

 ▲ One of the villagers came here to introduce how to pick up grapes at the farm.


 ▲ After listening all the explanation, we received a pair of scissors and moved to the vineyard.

 ▲ These are sweet grapes called ‘Geobong,’ but it was different from what we used to know.


▲ They told us to pick three bunches of grapes and I tried hard to pick big ones almost as big as my face.

 Visitors are busy which ones to pick just like they are playing hide-and-seek.

 ▲ Green grapes are also ripening in the yard. Looks so tempting!


▲ This is Gimcheon City Promotion Hall.

Gimcheon Grape Lady guided us to look around the hall. 
The name of Gimcheon Grape is ‘Alareum.’

▲ This is where we can experience grapes with all five senses.

We can learn and study about delicious grapes!

 ▲ You can watch the skin and fruit of grapes with a microscope and children really like it.


 ▲ Apart from food, grapes can turn into cosmetics, soaps, wines and perfumes. There are so many ways to use grapes.


 ▲ Some food made of grapes.

As a fruit and as a food, grapes are so useful.

  ▲ We are trying some grapes from the yard. So sweet and juicy!

▲ Visit ‘Hwangak Bangok Grape Greenhouse’ to meet fresh and colourful grapes!

Written by  Kim Bong-ae   

 Translated by Kim Yun-young


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