Members of the group Big Bang, G-Dragon and Top, will release a duet album next month, the official blog for their agency YG Entertainment entitled “YG Life” said on November 29.

YG Life announced, ”G-Dragon and Top will first release digital singles entitled ‘High High’ and ‘Oh Yeah’ on December 15, and then release their regular album entitled ‘GD & TOP’ on December 24.”

The album will include a total of 11 songs including duet songs entitled “High High,” which Teddy produced and which G-Dragon, Top, and Teddy had collaborated to write the lyrics for, and “Oh Yeah,” in which Park Bom had been featured, as well as solo songs for G-Dragon and Top. In addition, YG Life also delivered the news saying another member of Big Bang, Seung Ri, would release a digital single next year on January 3.

Big Bang will make a comeback next year on February 1.

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