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  • 'Haeundae' Steals Spotlight at Pusan Film Festival
  • [2009-10-09]
  • The Suyeong Bay area in Busan was packed on the evening of October 8, when the opening ceremony of the 14th Pusan International Film Festival was held. All 5,000 seats of the venue were filled. The less fortunate ones among the movie fans had to stay outside.

    Red Carpet Gowns

    Gowns with low-cut backs were the leading trend at this year’s red carpet ceremony. Despite the chilly fall weather, many actresses appeared in surprisingly low-cut gowns.

    Han Hye-jin’s gray dress with a low-cut back evoked loud cheers from the fans.

    Han Ye-seul’s white gown made many fans shout out, “You look so beautiful.”

    Kim So-yeon showed up in red, while Han Eun-jung chose white. Jeon Do-yeon, who made a public appearance for the first time since giving birth to her baby, was wearing an airy gown with a slightly see-through front.

    Jeon Hye-bin, Choi Kang-hee, Choi Min-seo, Choi Jung-won, Lee Ha-na and Chung Ryeo-won also appeared in bold gowns. Kang Soo-yeon and Chang Mi-hee, who are already past 40, flaunted their slender bodies.


    Hartnett Side by Side with Lee Byung-hun

    The Hollywood star Josh Hartnett arrived with actor Lee Byung-hun. The two appear in the movie “I Come With Rain.” Hartnett was wearing a white suit and red necktie, while Lee was wearing a black tuxedo. The two actors shared their stories about the movie on a special stage that was set at the festival venue. “I Come With Rain” was directed by the world-renowned film director Anh Hung Tran. It also stars top Japanese actor Takuya Kimura. In the movie, Lee plays a member of the Hong Kong mafia.

    Screen Couples Hand in Hand on Red Carpet

    Several screen couples walked the red carpet hand in hand. Lee Seon-kyun and Seo Woo, who played opposite each other in Park Chan-ok’s movie “Paju,” appeared hand in hand. Seo Woo waved her hand toward flashing cameras and looked quite confident for a newcomer.

    Shin Ha-kyun and Chung Yoo-mi also walked side by side. They played opposite each other in Chung Sung-il’s movie “Cafe Noir.”

    Handsome Looks Always in High Demand

    Good-looking actors enjoyed enormous popularity at the red carpet ceremony. The most popular were Jang Dong-gun and Lee Min-ho. Every time they passed by, their fans shouted out, “You look great."

    Kim Nam-kil, whose popularity has soared for his role in the TV drama “Queen Seondeok,” was also welcomed with cheers.


    Woman-president Ko Du-shim

    Actress Ko Du-shim, who plays a charismatic woman-president in “Good Morning, President,” which was chosen as the opening film of the festival, appeared in a funky style. She was wearing a layered velvet jacket, pants and black lace-up boots. At a news conference that was held prior to the opening ceremony, she was wearing a black pantsuit and heavy makeup, her hair ruffled and looking big.

    Ko said, "No one can ban me from doing this funky style because I played a president. So far, I have mostly played the role of a mother wearing baggy clothes. I wanted to show that I can look different. I like this hairstyle when I feel good. It represents my good mood. Right now, I feel happy but a bit dazed.”

    Ko attended the Pusan festival for the first time.

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