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  • ‘Brain’ Unveils Film Set
  • [2011-12-12]
  • KBS’s Monday and Tuesday drama “Brain” has been gaining popularity with its tense and suspenseful storyline and cast members’ excellent charismatic acting. As it tells stories in a hospital that always encounters life and death situations, the cast members hardly show smiles onscreen, but its film set is actually filled with a friendly atmosphere based on the cast members’ good harmony. Look at the friendly atmosphere of the film set through unveiled stills.

    ▲ Eccentric genius and professor Kim Sang Chul, who is presenting an idealistic appearance of a doctor, and lovely doctor Yoon Ji Hye, who is growing up while going through troubles, take a photo together.

    ▲ Actor Jeong Jin Young always creates a friendly atmosphere with his lively facial expressions and smiles. His mischievous poses and eyes looked the same as that of professor Kim Sang Chul.

    ▲ Actor Shin Ha Kyun has been gaining great popularity by creating a “Kang Hoon Fever.” He overwhelms viewers with his impressive and strong eyes on the screen, but he looks cute and innocent on the film set.

    ▲ The cold man Kang Hoon presents a warm smile on the film set of “Brain.”

    ▲ The rivals, Joon Seok and Kang Hoon, and Bong Koo said, “Actually we are best friends.”

    ▲ Ko Jae Hak is skilled at living in the world as a fence-sitter in the drama, but actually he is a pure person.

    ▲ The strict and professional chief nurse presents her completely different appearance on the still.

    Thanks to a explosive response from the viewers, the cast members and the staff members of “Brain” are reportedly filming the drama with great enthusiasm after forgetting all of their fatigue. Actors all agree that they are filming the drama with excitement because they know very well that viewers are waiting for following episodes with great anticipation. The excellent medical drama “Brain” airs every Monday and Tuesday night on KBS 2TV.

    Writer: KBS Media Jin Young Ju

    Resource: 3HW Com
    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.

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