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  • [WEEKEND DRAMA 'Seoyoung, My Daughter'] Lee Sang-yoon and Park Hae-jin Open Golden Age of Innocent Man
  • [2012-10-26]
  • There are two versions of the ideal man in the KBS 2TV's weekend drama - "perfect husband" Lee Sang-yoon and "the world's boyfriend" Park Hae-jin, and they are catching the hearts of the female audience.

    Woman viewers are showing much interest in the two actors who they would "like to have" and are looking forward to the upcoming episode of the "Seoyoung, My Daughter" over the weekend.
    Lee Sang-yoon plays Kang Woo-jae, husband of Seoyoung (Lee Bo-young), and Park Han-jin is one of the twin younger brothers. Both are demonstrating their unique manly charms and acting skills in the drama bringing the audience to the screen.

    Lee Sang-yoon, who has been nicknamed "hunnam (warmhearted man)", added macho characteristics to his character Woo-jae. Woo-jae, who was prickly to his father Kang Ki-bom (Choi Jong-woo), was awakened to his true life and love through Seoyoung and he is performing many charming acts and lovable gestures.
    Woo-jae is an ideal husband who well understands the mind of Seoyoung, who is having doubts about her life as an lawyer who has to decide on the fate of others.
    So Seoyoung's words "Woo-jae seems to be born to help me" could make women jealous of her!
    Park Hae-jin, armed with good looks and acting skills, performs well as sweet and kind Sang-woo, leaving great impression on female viewers at home.
    His effort to play the role of motivator in the home instead of blaming his sister Seoyoung for avoiding their father Sam-jae (Chon Ho-jin) during the earlier episodes of the drama and his witty acts toward and affection for Mi-kyung (Park Jeong-ah) are captivating some female members of the audience.
    The perfect characters Woo-jae and Sang-woo, with their looks and charm, are heralding the upcoming golden age of the "Innocent Man".
    "Seoyoung, My Daughter" airs every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 p.m. on KBS 2TV.
    Writer: Jeon Ji-young
    CopyrightⓒKBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution are banned
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