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  • [NEW DRAMA 'Jeon Woochi'] A Gosa Ritual Praying for the Success of New Drama Cheon Woochi Held
  • [2012-11-05]
  • The cast and crew for the upcoming Wednesday - Thursday drama "Jeon Woochi" performed a rite to wish for good luck and success for their show on Oct. 30.
    "Jeon Woochi" will air starting Nov. 21 following the "The Innocent Man" and the main cast members include Chae Tae-hyun, Uee, Lee Hee-joon amd Baik Jin-hee. Viewers are looking forward to the drama, which is based on "A biography of Jeon Woochi" a novel written during the Choseon period. Its concept that is different from the previously-made movie version of "Jeon Woochi".

    The Gosa ritual was held on the set at Mungyeong Saejae in Mungyeong, Kyongsang-namdo, at 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 30.
    As well as as Chae Tae-hyun, Uee and Lee Hee-joon, attending the occasion were over 20 actors and actresses, including Hong Jong Hyeon, Joo Yeon, Ahn Young-joon, Kim Byeong-sae, Lee Jae-yong and Jang Jeong-hee, and staff members that included director Kang Il-soo PD, Kim Seong-geun CP and a representative of the production company, Chorokbaem Media Choi Young-gyeun.
    First, the main characters Chae Tae-hyun, Uee and Lee Hee-joon served liquor to the Gosa table to pray for success and good viewing figures, followed by Kim Beyong-sae, Lee Jae-yong, Jang Jeong-hee, Hong Jong-hyeon, Joo Yeon and Ahn Yong-joon. At the last part of the ritual, all the staff members from the fields of shooting, lighting, make-up, martial arts, props, sets, costumes, decoration, beatuy treatment, special effects, synchronization and others offered sacrifices to spirits.
    After the ritual, Chae Tae-hyun spoke on behalf of all the actors: "We will do our best to make Jeon Woochi, a big hit. Please watch us with attention."
    Kang Il-soo expressed his wishes, saying, "I hope that shooting goes smoothly, without any accidents or difficulties. I hope the pace will go on to the end."
    The rite ended with all the participants shouting in unison "Way to go, Jeon Woochi", after being prompted by actor Jang Jeong-hee, who plays a comic role in the drama.
    The emcee of the rite ceremony allowed residents near the filming set to take part in the ceremony to make it a feast rather than a solemn ceremony. Citizens at the scene of the rite encouraged the cast and crew, saying "We hope Jeon Woochi will break the 50% viewing figure mark and become a hit in 2012", "We will cheer for Jeon Woochi", and "Go, Jeon Woochi!".
    The representative of the production company said, "We hope that Jeon Woochi, for which we prepared for two years, will be a cheerful drama producing laughter and being enjoyed by everyone."
    Jeon Woochi is a fusion martial arts historical drama based on the classic novel "Biography of Jeon Woochi". The story takes place in a Utopia established by Hong Kil-dong called Yuldoguk.
    An ascetic named Jeon Woochi loses his father-like figure Hong Kil-dong due to the betrayal of his friend Kang Lim(Lee Hee-joon) and when his lover Hong Moo-hyun(Uee) dies, he plots his revenge.


    Written by: KBS PR Dept.
    CopyrightⓒKBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution are banned

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