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  • [KBS New Drama ‘Jeon Woochi’] Kim Gap-soo and Song Dong-il Give Veteran-like Performances
  • [2012-11-12]
  • Veteran actors Kim Gap-soo and Song Dong-il, who are appearing in KBS’s new Wednesday/Thursday drama “Jeon Woochi”, have given outstanding performances.

    Both will appear in the first episode of Jeon Woochi, which is due to air on Nov. 21, as "Ma Sook", a master of spiritualism who is an uncle of Gang Rim (Lee Hee-joon) and good at controlling other people’s minds, and "Bong Goo", who has a gigantic body and great strength, respectively.

    People’s expectations for Jeon Woochi were raised when Kim Gap-soo, who has a charismatic character as a veteran of villain roles and Song Dong-il, who will be the drama's main source of fun, joined the cast and appeared on the shooing set. 

    The shooting for their scenes took place on the set at Mungyeong Saejae in Mungyeong, Kyongsang-namdo, on Oct. 29. Kim Gap-soo appeared for the first time in the drama in the morning and Song Dong-il acted during the afternoon shooting. Both talked a lot with director Kang Il-soo and they expressed their love for their characters. 
    Kim Gap-soo is well known to lead a pleasant atmosphere on the set. However, as shooing started he immersed himself into his villain character and even during the break he even abstained from making jokes in order not to disrupt his feelings of his character. He carried out his acts very sincerely, making the atmosphere rather solemn. 
    In contrast, Song Dong-il, whose character is completely opposite to Kim Gap-soo’s, caused the people on the set burst into great laughters upon he appeared before the camera. He was tying a band around his long hairs, wearing dentures and venting his continuous ad-libs suitable for his nickname “emperor of ad-lib”.

    Song Dong-il said after the shooting, “First shooting is always a strain. I like the director, actors and all the staff very much and I enjoyed the shooting.” He added, “I co-starred with Cha Tae-hyeon in the movie “Gone with the wind” and I am glad to co-star with him again.” 

    A representative of Chorokbaem Media, the production company, said, “No one can deny Kim Gap-soo and Song Dong-il are veteran actors representative of Korea. They displayed their powerful force from the very first shot.”
    Jeon Woochi is a fusion martial arts historical drama based on the classic novel “Biography of JeonWoochi”. It features an ascetic named Jeon Woochi who plots his revenge after losing his father-like figure Hong Kil-dong and his lover Hong Moo-hyun due to the betrayal of his friend. 
    Kang Il-soo PD, who directed dramas “ Emperor Wang Gun”, “Emperor of the Sea”, “The Kingdom of the Wind “ and writer Cho Myong-joo, who wrote the script for “King Gwanggaeto the Great”, joined forces for Jeon Woochi. The cast includes Cha Tae-hyun, Uee, Lee Hee-joon, Baik Jin-hee, Song Dong-il, Kim Gap-soo and Hong Jong-hyeon. 
    Photo: Chorokbaem Media
    Written by: KBS PR Dept.
    CopyrightⓒKBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution are banned
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