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  • [New Drama 'School 2013'] Anticipation for the New “Real” School Report
  • [2012-11-28]
  • KBS2TV’s new Monday/Tuesday Drama “School 2013" will be throwing a determined fast ball at the unshakeable hierarchy of students, teachers and parents in modern schools.

    In the past, the School series were focused more on the students and their search for hope and dreams, but “School 2013” will be dealing with new and different issues, delighting the audience.
    In the new drama, students, teachers and parents will be equally voicing their concerns and issues, providing the audience with a realistic view of the conflict between the three groups and what goes on at real schools.

    1. In between being a child and grown-up, the turmoil of youth 
    Teenagers these days have become known to be “fearless”, becoming a generational icon of bullying, suicide, and violence. Sitting at school full of lethargy, they throw all things aside only focusing on getting into a good college or hurting others. Song Ha Kyung (played by Park Se Young) thinks it is shameful to attend a regular high and has shut herself up from the school while Go Nam Soon (played by Lee Jong Suk) habitually goes to school to catch up on his sleep. The scenery both inside and outside the school will be frankly depicted in the new drama.

    2. Wandering teachers who have lost their authority and go to school as employees 
    The past where students were afraid to even look up at their teachers has passed. Teachers are no longer the authority. The world which only has competition has induced a “happiness depends on scores” type of mentality and teachers must constantly think of countermeasures against ever-changing college entrance system. Trapped in a competition with private education these teachers have already given up on restoring their authority from students. However, “School 2013” will be showcasing how powerful and effective their voices are while standing on the teacher’s platform. Short-term contract teacher Jung In Jae (played by Jang Nara) and Kang Se Chan (played by Choi Daniel) who used to teach at a private institute earning a six-figure salary are worlds apart. However, their two different views will be a great tool in representing the current status of teachers. 
    3. Overly zealous parents overtaking the school? 
    The overzealous group of parents who will stop at nothing to see their children get into a good school has become more determined than ever. In “School 2013”, the parents will show why they were driven to send their children to private institutes instead of school, and the sad reality of having to follow their children around like they were their managers. The honest report will serve as a chance for reflection as well as a warm hand gently patting their scars.
    Reps for the drama said the drama will bring back memories of the past for some, but also refresh the audience on the current status of schools. The reps confidently added that a school is a place that everyone relates to and the drama will bravely touch on the real issues that take place underneath the surface.
    “School 2013” is centered on the students of Seungri High School’s Juniors. It is a real school report focusing on the relationship between teachers, students and parents and will aim to portray realistic issues, the struggles and dilemma of today’s youth.

    The drama will take over the time slot of “Ohlala Couple” with the first episode airing on December 3rd at 10 p.m. KST.


    Photo Credit: School Culture Industry Co.
    Written by: KBS PR Dept.
    CopyrightⓒKBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution are banned

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