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  • Meet the lovely daughters of the Wang family
  • [2013-08-21]

  •  At a glance it looks like a still cut of a beauty contest!

    The daughters of the Wang family are gathered together dressed up in their Hanbok or traditional Korean dresses.
    Meet the cast: Oh Hyun-kyung, Lee Tae-ran, Lee Yoon-ji and Moon Ga-young. 
    The new weekend drama "The Wang Family"(Written by Moon Young-nam, directed by Jin Hyung-wook, produced by Dream E&M) is set to air on August 31st on KBS 2TV.
    The 4 daughters of the Wang family Soo-bak(Oh Hyun-kyung), Ho-bak(Lee Tae-ran), Gwang-bak(Lee Yoon-ji and Hae-bak(Moon Ga-young) were seen together.
    The four actresses playing the daugthers of the Wang family were dressed in Hanbok and looking as friendly as real sisters.
    And once they got together they couldn't stop talking and smiling.
    Their positive energy proved to be contagious, with everyone on set having a great time working together.
    The story revolves around the four sisters from the oldest sister Soo-bak played by Oh to the youngest Hae-bak played by Moon.
    Soo-bak married a wealthy man Go Min-joong(Jo Sung-ha) and lived like a princess, but his went bankrupt, so she returned to live with her mom.
    Ho-bak married a younger, jobless man named Huh Sae-dal(Oh Man-suk) and entered marriage hell.
    Gwang-bak threw away a stable career as a teacher to pursue her dream of being a writer.
    Hae-bak, the youngest and the brightest is perfect in every way, but she is brutally direct and is a walking emotional time bomb.
    The four sisters are all smiles in the picture, but they all have different charms and different stories to share with the viewers.
    There are other characters such as the parents of the four girls Wang Bong(Jang Yong) and Lee Ang-geum(Kim Hae-sook).
    It's the updated, 2013 version family drama that realistically portray some of the conficts, issues and dilemmas typical families might face.
    Writer Moon Young-nam and director Jin Hyung-wook have demonstrated how they can produce hit dramas through their past collaborations, so viewers are already brimming with great expectations.

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