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  • Rebirth of One-Act Play with KBS Drama Special ‘Red Candy’
  • [2010-05-19]
  • Two years after “Drama City” finished airing in 2008, the "one-act play" has been reborn under the title of “KBS Drama Special.”

    “KBS Drama Special” came into the world due to the popular demand of viewers, production staff members, and actors to produce a “one-act play,” and the first episode of “KBS Drama Special” began with “Red Candy” written by writer Roh Hee Kyung.


    Preview for the first episode of “KBS Drama Special” entitled “Red Candy” - (from left) Hong Seok Goo (PD), Roh Hee Kyung (writer), Park Si Yeon, and Lee Jae Ryong

    A press preview of “Red Candy” was held on May 13 at Yongsan CGV theater with PD Hong Seok Goo, writer Roh Hee Kyung, main cast members Lee Jae Ryong and Park Si Yeon in attendance. The play, as it is written by Roh Hee Kyung, was outstanding in terms of warm atmosphere and detailed psychological descriptions, which are Roh's specialty.


    PD Hong Seok Goo & writer Roh Hee Kyung - they agreed with the initial purpose of making a one-act play and expressed their joy and appreciation about making the first episode.

    Main actress and actor in “Red Candy,” Park Si Yeon and Lee Jae Ryong

    “Red Candy” portrayed the story of a middle-aged man in his forties who has become tired of life. He met a woman with a broken heart in her twenties and began to find a comfort in his life at last, and felt love towards her. The drama “Red Candy,” which was described in a calm and warm manner, was broadcast on May 15 at 11:15 pm on KBS 2TV.

    Scene from “Red Candy”

    “KBS Drama Special” will show high quality one-act plays which are differentiated from existing dramas by various trials to draw competition among budding producers and writers who are both already approved. Beginning with the first episode aired on May 15, “KBS Drama Special” will be broadcast every Saturday night at 11:15 pm on KBS2TV.

    Writer: KBSi Jin Young-ju
    Resource: KBS PR Department Lee Min Kyu
    Copyright (c) KBS & KBSi - Any illicit reproduction and distribution is prohibited

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