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  • [Good Doctor] Joo Sang-wook ready to play doctor
  • [2013-07-22]

  •  In "Good Doctor" Joo dons the white doctor's gown and simply glows with charisma.

    Brand new KBS Mon/Tues drama "Good Doctor" is set to begin on August 5th.
    And Joo Sang-wook is ready to play his new role.
    In the show Joo plays Kim Do-han, one of the most respected doctor in the field of pediatric.
    He is a perfectionist who is as dedicated as he is serious.
    Joo gets to display a whole new side of him, one that is simply brimming with confidence and charisma.
    It's evident judging by the still cuts from the drama that he is already immersed in his character and is looking the part and looking good. 
     Joo's character is the harshest senior to his underlings.
    But he is a totally different person around his seniors.
    So when he faces Cheon Ho-chin he is as docile and gentle as one can be.
    This doctor is not driven by ambition to climb up the ladder and rise to power.
    He deeply cares about people and his patients.
    Joo was first seen dressed up for the role on July 8th at a set in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province.
    He looked the part, walked the walk and talked the talk.
    With his low tone voice and the killer-instinct sparkle in his eyes, Joo went on to film a scene involving numerous difficult medical jargon flawlessly. 
    His blooper-free session made everyone's job easier.
    Joo Sang-wook has gone all out to try and play the role to perfection.
    Even while he is on the move, he has in his hands surgical equipment, so that he can use them as if he has been using them for as long as he can remember.
    Also he practices the correct way to stitch wounds over and over again.
    The cast and crew have nothing but praise for Joo, who is always seen doing something to better adapt to his new role.
    Logos Film reps have said "Joo Sang-wook plays doctor for the first time on TV and he is working harder than ever to get into character."
    The production company expressed confidence in the success of the drama, since they have witnessed Joo's amazing progress in getting into character.
    They also guaranteed, Joo Sang-wook's acting will blow everyone's mind.
    "Good Doctor" is about the human drama surrounding the work and lives of doctors at the pediatric ward of a university hospital.
    Park Shi-on is the main character, a savant that overcomes incredible odds to become a doctor.
    Kim Do-han is the other doctor, who is loved and respected, but lives with an emotional scar.
    An outgoing female doctor named Cha Yoon-seo who provides the two imperfect male leads with a shoulder to lean on, also join them in their adventures.
    It all begins on August 5th.
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