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  • "Who Are You?" Special, Happy Together
  • [2014-04-24]

  • Gugak prodigy, Song Sohee!

    She became a top star at her school. Her friends ask her autograph every day.
    But something happens when she takes of her Hanbok; People hardly recognize her, especailly at Sauna.
    Junggigo has swept online music chart with Soyu of Sistar!
    Some of his friends contacted him in 20 years and asked, “Is Sistar pretty?”
    A so-called handsome gagman Seo Taehun.
    He said he was a brand model of children’s wear when he was young and showed off his past.
    A genius progamer Hong Jinho!
    But there is one thing which he lacks in, pronunciation! 
    His little off pronunciation is due to his job!
    He rarely speaks during the game and he only uses online chat when talking.
    Attractive actress, Kim Sungkyung.
    She is still beloved by men her cool character, but she confessed her recent break-up. 

     [Happy Together]

    Showtime: Thursdays 11:40pm | Fridays 07:00am (Seoul, UTC+9).
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