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  • Okryeon to make Jeongtae embarrassed [Inspiring Generation]
  • [2014-04-03]

  • Look how handsome Jeongtae is in a pair of suit.

    On the opening day of Club Shanghai, Jeongtae is dressed up in a suit. He looks a bit tired but still fabulous.

    Look how handsome my boyfriend is!

    Okryeon adjusts Jeongtae’s suit with full of smile on her face and repeatedly asks him not to make bruises on his handsome face.

    Two women to watch a couple with jealous eyes.

    Soso and Seon Woojin are watching this lovely couple with envious and jealous eyes.

    Okryeon to cheer Jeongtae up!

    No matter how many people are around them, Okryeon pats Jeongtae’s bottom saying she is always so proud of him.

    Jeongtae looks so embarrassed.

    Jeongtae chases after Okryeon who runs away after the bottom-patting attack.

    “When they have become so sweet like that?”

    “I’m lonely.”

    “Jeong Jaehwa, you bad guy.”

    Watching the lovely couple, Soso and Woojin suddenly feel lonely.


    [Inspiring Generation]

    An action noir about young fighters in the 1930's glamorous Shanghai, China, who struggle between love, faith, and friendship.

    Showtime: Wed-Thu 09:50pm | Thu-Fri 04:10am (Seoul,UTC+9). 

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