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  • [KBS New Drama ‘Jeon Woochi’] Uee Displays Charm As Cold Woman
  • [2012-11-09]
  • Uee in the new KBS Wednesday/ Thursday drama “Jeon Woochi” is charming audiences as an "ice princess”, showing off her graceful beauty in hanbok, the Korean traditional costume.

    Uee plays the role of Hong Moo-yeon in the drama, whom Jeon Woochi loves. The drama is due to air on Nov. 21.

    She falls under a spell, with her soul being seduced and controlled by wickedness, becoming emotionless. She is doing her best to express her character’s personality, a brusque and emotionless “ice princess”.

    In the drama, she is often seen in deep thought and wearing red hanbok, and sometimes staring coldly in blue hanbok with her hair in a bun. Her cold but elegant figure is raising expectations for the upcoming drama.

    The shooting started at 8pm on Oct. 15 in Seonbi Village in Sunheung-myeon, Yongju City, Gyongsang-bukdo.

    Uee, who has a bright and cheerful personality, had a playful time joking with Lee Hee-joon before the shooting began. But as soon as the shooting started, she instantly immersed herself in her character, giving detailed performances.

    She showed her acting skills by expressing detailed points sometimes with grave expressions in a serious dialogue and sometimes the coldness as if being enchanted by something. As soon as the director yelled 'cut', she instantly returned to herself and assumed pleasant expressions, making the people on set laugh.

    Furthermore Uee plays the role of 'mood maker' among the staff and crew of Jeon Woochi. During break times, she approached other actors and staff members to play jokes or talk with them, producing a pleasant atmosphere on the shooting set.

    A staff on the set praised her, saying, “Uee is very mischievous, a 100% different from her character Hong Moo-yeon. However, when she acts, she is 100% synchronized with her character.” The staff added, “ It showed how thoroughly Uee is preparing before the shoot.”

    A representative of the production company Chorokbaem said, “Uee perfectly matches with Hong Moo-yeon character. Her passion for acting and personality that is making the people around her happy is leading a warm-hearted atmosphere on set.”

    Jeon Woochi is a fusion martial arts historical drama based on the classic novel “Biograph of JeonWoochi”. It features an ascetic named Jeon Woochi who plots his revenge after losing his father-like figure Hong Kil-dong and his lover Hong Moo-hyun due to the betrayal of his friend.

    Kang Il-soo PD, who directed dramas “ Emperor Wang Gun”, “Emperor of the Sea”, “The Kingdom of the Wind “ and writer Cho Myong-joo, who wrote the script of “King Gwanggaeto the Great”, joined hands for Jeon Woochi. The cast includes Cha Tae-hyun, Uee, Lee Hee-joon, Baik Jin-hee, Song Dong-il, Kim Gap-soo and Hong Jong-hyeon.

    Photo: Chorokbaem Media


    Written by: KBS PR Dept.
    CopyrightⓒKBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution are banned

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