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  • [KBS 2TV MON/TUES Drama Big] Fantastic Honeymoon Couple Looks Presented by Gong-yu & Lee Min-jeong!
  • [2012-07-02]
  • Gong-yu has become popular by proposing to an older lady out of romantic love in the national loco drama “Big”, written by sister authors Hong Jeong-eun and Hong Mi-ran. Now, Lee Min-jeong is gathering attention from the viewers with her affectionate ‘honeymoon couple looks.’

    National loco drama “Big” has revealed a still shot showing the ‘honeymoon fashion at airport’ of Gong-yu and Lee Min-jeong. The released still photo shows the features of Gong-yu and Lee Min-jeong at the airport where a dramatic turn of ‘spiritual exchanges’ has occurred in the last episode (the eighth). In the drama, the newly married couple on the way to their sweet honeymoon shows a perfect combination of unique individual characters with the sensible harmony of their couple looks.

    First of all, as a ‘representative fashionable dresser of Korea’ Gong-yu sports a comfortable and convenient honeymoon tour look with his white clean V-neck T-shirt and beige baseball jumper. Beside him, Lee Min-jeong looks very colorful and splendid with her sky blue blouse with its multi-coloured print.
    In particular, the lower part of Lee Min-jeong’s sky blue blouse has a light beige color like Gong-yu’s baseball jumper. This has brought forth a charming couple look without any hints of a rustic couple look in a same strong color.
    Through the unimaginable plot-twists in every episode, drama “Big” has kept rising in popularity and the suggestion that Gang Gyeong-jun (Gong-yu) and Seo Yun-jae (Gong-yu) would seem to be restored to their own bodies in last episode heightened the viewers’ wonder almost to a climax. As the drama has developed with frequently thrilling turn, netizens are curious to see if Gyeong-jun and Da-ran (Lee Min-jeong) will leave for their honeymoon without any unexpected incidents, and if Gyeong-jun will be restored to his original body during the honeymoon tour.

    Some quotes from netizens: “Drama “Big” is the first TV drama that has made me so curious about the ending of the drama,”
    “Will the newly married couple return from their honeymoon so soon? I want to observe the happy moments of Gyeong-jun Gong-yu for a long time!”
     “We have one week ahead to see the drama “Big"... I wish the day would come around sooner.”

    These comments prove the high rising popularity of drama “Big” so clearly.

    The romantic drama “Big” is the story of the miraculous love of a female teacher who falls in love with a man whose spirit became suddenly possessed with the spirit of 18 year old adolescent and is on air on every Monday and Tuesday night at 9:55 PM through KBS 2TV.


    Writer: Jeon Ji-young

    KBS Public Relations Department
    CopyrightⒸKBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution is banned.

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