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  • Seven Guys Discuss Eloquence
  • [2009-06-24]

  • “Eloquence” is one of 101 qualities a man must have

    Seven guys get together to discuss “eloquence”.

    Interview -- the task of the week

    On “Man’s Qualities: 101 Things Every Man Should Try Before Dying,” which aired last Sunday, the guests discussed men’s persuasive skills and eloquence. A training session was conducted prior to a group debate with KBS anchors.

    First, the participants’ logic skills were evaluated through interviews. Each participant was given one minute to introduce themselves and another minute to show off their erudition.

    Lee Kyung-kyu finishes last

    Of the seven participants, Lee Yoon-seok finished at the top. In his introduction, he clearly outlined his career as an entertainer since his debut and gave witty answers on the topic of “subprime mortgage.”

    Meanwhile, Lee Kyung-kyu, who expressed the wish to finish at the bottom, did finish last indeed. His logic skills were found to be weak because his speech was too emotional. He also made everyone laugh by saying that one minute is not enough to introduce his 30-year broadcasting career and that he would introduce himself at dinner after taping. When told to compare multi-tier and pyramid sales, he only explained the advantages of each type and ran out of time.

    After the interviews, the seven participants received another training session at the KBS watch post prior to their debate with the anchors. Later they announced their favorite items. Only four of the seven items were shown.

    Kim Tae-won, who was number 1, dealt on the subject of men serving terms in prison based on his own “experience.” He volunteered to spend a day in prison and show a difficult dish-washing technique.

    Lee Jung-jin, for his part, made a parody of the movie “Let’s Play, Dharma” and suggested spending a day at a Buddhist temple. He even printed out photos within the given timeslot and attached it to his presentation materials. He also made everyone laugh by emphasizing Kim Sung-min’s silence and weirdness.

    Lee Yun-seok added to the fun by offering to catch a boar – his item. Lee Kyung-kyu, who was the last to give a presentation, prepared an ambitious project targeting viewers in their 80s and 90s because they have a hard time understanding the rival show “Family Coming.” But he was disheartened to hear from Yoon Hyung-bin that a similar trick had already been shown recently on another show.

    Prior to the debate with the anchors, the participants practiced by debating everyday topics. They showed differing opinions on comedian Yoon Hyung-bin’s shouting “Chung Kyung-mi” repeatedly on TV. On Lee Kyung-kyu’s question whether confessing one’s love that could end soon was reckless, Yoon said, “Loving someone while being afraid of a breakup is foolish.” Other participants thought that asking a loving person about a breakup was wrong, while others responded by saying that Yoon’s confession was a “waste of radio waves.” The serious debate was broken by Kim Sung-min, who was caught off guard while tying his shoelaces.


    In the final session, handsome actor Lee Jung-jin prepared a strategy targeting women, while Kim Sung-min was appointed to take charge of disrupting the flow and Lee Kyung-kyu took charge of bawling people out. The topic of the debate with the KBS anchors was, “Is a whip a higher degree of love or a form of violence?” The debate was concluded after many twists and turns. Like Kim Kook-jin said, a debate is not about insisting on one’s opinion but about persuading and understanding each other and reconciling.

    By Honorary Reporter Han Da-woon
    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi – Any illicit reproduction and distribution is prohibited.

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