•  The lives of pedeatricians who battle daily to help children and their families' happiness.


    Few people are aware of the fact that the pedeatric ward exists seperately.

    Regardless, the hardworking individuals there steadfastly deliver on their promise to give their very best.


    They face arduous challenges daily ranging from surgery on tiny preterm infants as tiny as a pen and on fetuses.

    These doctors perform amazing feats day in and day out.

    "Good Doctor" deals with the struggles and triumphs of pediatricians who are devoted to the cause of saving young lives.

    Also highlighted in the drama are social issues like medical insurance systems that are flawed and the hospital systems that are geared towards profiteering rather than saving lives, which ultimately affects the working environment of pediatricians.


    The show will also throw some important questions along the way as the story unfolds such as "What should grown ups do for the betterment of our children."

    The children in the pediatric ward are our children, nephews and more.

    "Good Doctor" seeks to help make the world a brighter place for the children.

  •  Not disabled but alternately-abled

    Some viewers might find it strange to find a less-able or alternately-abled individual starring in a drama instead of a documentary.
    Some might feel uncomfortable with the fact that the star of the show is not a lovely lady or a charming young man.
    But there are more ways than one dramas can touch lives and entertain viewers.
    In reality, these type of individuals are marginalized or looked to as subjects of pity.
    But that's not necessarily the case.
    They too have something to offer to this world.
    Too many people have the wrong conception of autism.
    With characters featured in films like "Marathon" being one of the more recognized individuals with such conditions, people still view them as social outcasts and victims.
    Unknown to many, there are many different types and levels of these conditions.
    And some are capable of overcoming them and blend in as a contributing member of our society.
    Unfortunately the biggest obstacles standing in their way is the misconception of people, those who provide a glass ceiling that stunt their growth.
    "Good Doctor" shines light on these issues and portray these individuals as normal people with great aspirations and dreams.
    The show aims to remind viewers that what they need is acceptance, not sympathy.
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