• Three Healing Points to Catch in New Drama, “You are the Best”
  • [2013-03-12]
  • The new KBS weekend drama, “You are the Best” is the story of a mother and the youngest daughter of the family who are devastated by the death of the father but learns to find happiness and love.
    The drama has been gaining interest from the start with the casting of idol star IU and up and Cho Jung-suk. Here are three points to watch out for in the drama.

    ★Moving Story of Mom and Daughter’s Growth
    Jung-ae (played by Go Doo-shim) raised Lee Soon-shin (played by IU) with love although she was left at their doorstep as a baby, but discovers that her real mother is Song Mi-ryung (played by Lee Mi-sook) upon the death of her husband. Song Mi-ryung also looks back at her fame as she watches Soon-shin growing up from afar and Soon-shin herself becomes confused and has inner conflicts between the mother that gave birth to her and the mother that raised her.
    “You are the Best” will show the three women reconcile and become a “real” family in the midst of their pain and growth. The acting chops of two veteran actresses Go Doo-shim and Lee Mi-sook will also be a point to watch out for.

  • ★Three Sisters’ Love Stories and Finding of Self
    Lee Soon-shin and Shin Joon-ho (played by Cho Jung-suk) end up falling in love while arguing as they meet as a budding actress and the head of talent agency. Shin Joon-ho looks back at his career while watching Soon-shin do everything to realize her dream of becoming an actress, and discovers true love. Other than the main love story between Soon-shin and Joon-ho, there’s also the love stories of Soon-shin’s two sisters who all walk very different paths of life. Lee Hye-shin (played by Son Tae-young) and Lee Yoo-shin (played by Yoo In-na) and their relationships with Seo Jin-wook (played by Jung Woo) and Park Chan-woo (played by Go Joo-won) will also capture the audience.

    The three sisters represent the realities that women in their 20s and 30s face in Korea. For example, IU fails to get a job and works as a non-regular worker, representing the 880,000 won generation or the college graduates, her eldest sister played by Son Tae-young represents women in their 30s who have difficulties re-entering the workforce after marriage and childbirth while Yoo In-na’s character is this generation’s office ladies who push back marriage and childbirth for success at work.


    ★Star Studded Cast of Both New and Veteran Actors
    The drama has a star studded cast which is also a good mix of new up and coming stars, and veterans. There’s the main cast, IU, Cho Jung-suk, Lee Ji-hoon, Son Tae-young, Jung Woo, Yoo In-na, and Go Joo-won; the veterans who will be supporting them like Go Doo-shim, Jung Dong-hwan, Lee Mi-sook, Kim Gap-soo, Lee Eung-kyung, Kim Yong-rim, and Yoon Da-hoon; and the new up and coming stars like Kim Yoon-suh, Bae Gu-rin and Ga Won who will test out their skills in the drama. The eclectic mix of young and old, new and veteran actors is forecasting another “national” drama that people of all ages can empathize with.

    “You are the Best” is also helmed by talented crew with Yoon Sung-sik directing and Jung Yoo-kyung as the writer. So, with the great writer/PD combination and talented actors, there is much anticipation that the drama will be a record breaker in viewers’ ratings.

    The drama’s production company said, “Just like the drama’s main copy that says it’s okay not to be the best because we are all special, we hope that the drama brings messages of hope and consolation as well as healing to this generation”. 


    Photo credit: AStory
    Written by: Jeon Ji Young
    Copyright Ⓒ KBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction and distribution is forbidden


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