• Reunion at the library of old memories
  • [2013-06-26]
  • The KBS 2TV drama “Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus”(written by Kim Ji-woo, directed by Park Chan-hong, Cha Young-joon, produced by ENEX Telecom) will feature its two main figures visiting a school library that is rich with past memories in the upcoming episode.

    In the most recent episode, which aired on June 17, the scene of the two figures, Yi-soo (played by Kim Nam-gil) and Hae-woo (played by Son Ye-jin), flying to Okinawa was broadcast. Hae-woo visited Okinawa to find the place shown in the photo that Yi-soo gave her and wept after hearing that Yi-soo was still alive. Hae-woo, who was weeping in shock with a shark necklace in her hand, cried for Yi-soo, who appeared before her. 

  • The still photos released by the production company show the library of the school the two attended in the past. In the photo, Kim Nam-gil looks to someone tenderly, with a sad look on his face. Son Ye-jin wears a sad expression, avoiding someone's look, and holding a wooden shark necklace in her hand which she had carried with her from Okinawa.

    Viewers are looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds in this place full of memories in the ninth episode of “Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus”, which is to air on June 24. It is anticipated the drama between Hae-woo, who has just learned that Yi-soo is still alive, and Yi-soo, who has waited for 12 years for revenge, will be unfold at a rapid pace.


    Photo credit : Enex Telecom
    Written by : KBS PR Dept. 
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